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Announcing Bookburners Season 2!

Sal and Team Three will be back in action this Summer.

Serial Box Publishing is very proud to announce that Bookburners will return this summer for its second season!June, 2016 will find our favorite detective-turned-magic hunter ready to take on demons, angels, and maybe even her lingering feelings for a certain teammate. Season 1 left us with many questions and we can't wait to catch back up with Sal, Grace, Asanti, Father Menchu, and Liam.We’re also excited to have Andrea Phillips and Amal El-Mohtar joining our writing room this season to scarf bagels and sling magic.While we wait for Summer to roll around, all of season 1 is currently available and Serial Box will be publishing omnibus editions to make binge reading even easier. We will also be running recap read-along of season 1 here on the blog so stop on by to talk about your favorite episode, character, or demonic escapade!

Bookburners Season 2

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