Bittersweet News

Realm App and Platform Update

We’re writing today with a bittersweet update. On November 30th, we will sunset the Realm app and web player. As we continue to bring you new audio series through our subscription and growing podcast network, we are focused on curating the best content for you to listen to wherever you get your podcasts rather than on the Realm app.

What does this mean for me?

I am a free user:

- You can listen to your favorite Realm shows on any podcast platform for FREE

- You will no longer be able to listen using the Realm app and/or web player

- Want ad-free access? Subscribe to Realm Unlimited and listen ad-free on any podcast app here.

I am a Realm Unlimited subscriber:

- You can still listen to your favorite Realm shows ad-free on any podcast platform using your current Realm Unlimited subscription by going here.

- If you purchased your Realm Unlimited subscription through an Apple or Google Play app stores, your current subscription will expire on November 30th. To keep listening, sign up for a new account here.

I am a Realm+ subscriber:

- Nothing will change! You can continue enjoying your Realm+ subscription as usual on Apple Podcasts. (Or sign up to join here.)

While the platform you listen on will be changing, our goal of bringing you immersive audio entertainment remains the same. Thanks for listening!

Co-Founder and CEO, Molly Barton

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