Serial Box is now Realm

After plotting, scheming, dreaming, and designing, we've officially evolved into something new and exciting.

Thanks for being one of the million+ people who’ve listened to Serial Box series over the last few years. We are excited to share the news that today we are becoming Realm and expanding our business—big time. 

After plotting, scheming, dreaming, and designing, we've officially evolved into something new and exciting—part podcast studio, part magical refuge. Here's what's changed, what's not changing, and what you can look forward to.


We've rebranded! We used to be Serial Box but we fell through a portal, and now we're Realm. We've got a new logo, a mascot (say hi to Ruby!), and a new lewk (type nerds, rejoice!)

Why the name change? Well, we wanted something shorter, sweeter, and easier to spell. We’ll always love the pun that is Serial Box, but it led to reactions like "Cereal Box?" or "Oh, you work for 'Serial', the true crime podcast?" As we grow, we want our name to express what we offer in our stories—a refuge, a portal to another world. You're coming to us to be entertained, to relax—whatever the reason, we welcome you.


Oh! And now you can listen to some of our most popular titles for FREE as ad-supported podcasts! Podcasting is growing a lot (surprise!) and we want listeners everywhere to be able to access our shows.

Six shows are live literally RIGHT NOW and we have a whole lot more coming—keep an eye out for 5+ new releases each month. NO JOKE. You can find shows like Orphan Black on Apple, Spotify, and whatever other podcast app zoomers are using these days.


After gathering feedback from our beta members (we see you), we’re officially launching Realm Unlimited. At only $3.99/mo or $29.99/yr, it includes the whole enchilada with mole sauce: ad-free listening, early access (read: bingeable) to new series PLUS exclusive access to bonus content on select shows. Realm Unlimited members also get a dual-format experience in our Flow Reader™ (simultaneous audio + text). Marvel and DC shows will remain available for a la carte purchase and Realm Unlimited members get special discounts on these.


- Our quality. READ: the best writers, voices, and sound designers. With every show, we’ll combine rich storytelling with the immersion and thrill of the best podcasts.
- Our voice. We're still gonna be weird, witty, fun, and inclusive. We can't help it.
- The fact that we have an app. We still have our own app, which is still totally groovy. Did we mention our app won "Best of the Year" by Apple? Our app won "Best of the Year" by Apple (hairflip emoji). Of course, our Android app is just as worthy.


We'll be working hard over the next month or two (cue classic movie makeover montage), to build new features on our app, polish everything pixel-by-pixel, and introduce some fancy brand sounds (think Netflix's DUN DUNNNNNN). Please pardon the construction.


Go enjoy our podcasts. Go download our app. Share this post. Be happy, be merry, don't accidentally befriend evil robots, etc. Wanna give kudos? Have feedback? Send me a note at [email protected].

Special thanks to everyone who's helped bring this to life, including the entire Realm team, our partners, and our community.

Listen away,

Molly, and the entire Realm team

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