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While fashions change and technology evolves, there are just some things about being human that transcend time. And the persistence of those human experiences is why anyone can find themselves in the timeless, romantic, and funny novels of Jane Austen.
The Jane Austen Podcast with Alison Larkin brings a fresh voice to these classic stories. Hosted by writer and comedian Alison Larkin, each season will present an Austen novel with her award-winning narration and feature chats with actors, writers, and other fascinating people who have one thing in common: a passionate love for Jane Austen. Whether you’re a die-hard Austen fan or you have yet to be introduced, you’ll find something delightful – and relatable – at every turn.

We are currently airing Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth Bennet is not interested in marrying only for money, to the distress of her poor mother’s nerves, and Mr. Darcy is a man in possession of a good fortune and certain opinions about what constitutes an accomplished woman. Though seemingly at odds due to their (you guessed it) pride and prejudice, the complicated and slow burn romance of one of Jane Austen’s most recognized novels is not to be missed.

Stay tuned for Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park, and Persuasion!

“Alison Larkin is a comic writer and performer and she approaches Austen as a satirist…she has genuine theatrical skill…sustained comic creations. The voice reveals all.” – The New Yorker

“Listeners will be captivated from the first sentence” – AudioFile Magazine

Hosted by Alison Larkin. Written by Jane Austen. Original Orchestrations by Hashem Assadullahi. Narrated by Alison Larkin.



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Welcome to The Jane Austen Podcast with Alison Larkin

Let us whisk you away to Jane Austen’s England.

May 11, 20231m

Introducing Pride and Prejudice

We’re starting the show with none other than Jane Austen’s most famous novel, and perhaps the most famous love story ever told apart from Romeo and Juliet. This is Pride and Prejudice.

May 11, 20231m

Pride and Prejudice: Chapters 1-4

We meet Charles Bingley, Mrs. Bennet sees this as an opportunity for one of her 5 daughters to marry well and insists Mr. Bennet arrange a meeting. He dismisses them, but secretly meets with Bingley and the women are ecstatic. Mr Bingley visits, and the Bennets invite him to dinner. He is called away to London, returns to Netherfield Park with his sisters, brother-in-law and friend, Darcy. They attend a ball in Meryton, where Jane dances with Bingley. Darcy offends Jane's sister, Elizabeth, when he is overheard saying she is "tolerable but not handsome enough to tempt me."

May 23, 202332m


Pride and Prejudice: Chapters 5-7

The Bennets meet with neighbors. Charlotte, the eldest daughter, is Elizabeth's closest friend. Everyone agrees Darcy is unlikable. Bingley's sisters come to visit the Bennets. Jane hides her feelings for Bingley. We find out that Mr. Bennett's property can only be inherited by a man. The youngest daughters Catherine and Lydia Visit their Aunt, Mrs. Phillips in Meryton. Jane is invited to visit the Bingley's, and Mrs. Bennet sends her on horseback knowing that it is going to rain and she will have to spend the night. Jane falls ill and has to stay in Netherfield, and Elizabeth is invited to stay as Jane's condition worsens. Darcy begins to like Elizabeth.

May 30, 202337m

Pride and Prejudice: Chapters 8-9

Elizabeth spends the evening with the Bingleys and Darcy. The Bingley sisters make quiet comments on Elizabeth's muddied dress from the walk and on her family's lack of money, all of which make her an undesirable match. After dinner, the others play cards while Elizabeth opts to read. Caroline Bingley praises Darcy on the beauty of his library at Pemberley and the accomplishments of his sister. The group discusses what defines an accomplished woman and Elizabeth, after hearing the long list, is surprised that any woman should meet the status. The next morning, Mrs. Bennett and Lydia call to check on Jane. While Mrs. Bennett knows Jane's illness is not dire, she insists she stay at Netherfield with the Bingleys. Lydia reminds Mr. Bingley that he promised to throw a ball - which he will, when Jane recovers.

Jun 6, 202327m

Pride and Prejudice: Chapters 10-11

Elizabeth spends another evening with the Bingleys and Darcy. Darcy and Elizabeth find themselves in another stimulating quarrel only to be stopped by Mr. Bingley. Darcy's attraction to Elizabeth grows to the point where he admits if it weren't for her class status, he would be in trouble of actually marrying her. Caroline notices this attraction and pushes harder to dissuade him from Elizabeth. She encourages Darcy to imagine him married to a Bennett, only to poke fun at how ridiculous their lineage would look intertwined. Thanks to Mrs. Bennett's visit the other day, this is not hard for Darcy to agree with. That evening, Jane, finally well, joins the group for dinner but their after dinner activities are lackluster. Caroline tries to gain the attention of Darcy, only to fall victim yet again to his playful tete-a-tete with Elizabeth.

Jun 13, 202328m

Pride and Prejudice: Chapters 12-14

Much to Mrs. Bennet's dismay, Jane and Elizabeth leave Netherfield. Elizabeth and Darcy are delighted to part, as Elizabeth is to finally return home and Darcy hopes to relieve some of his attraction to Lizzie. Upon arriving home, Mr. Bennett announces that the family will be receiving a relative for dinner: a Mr. Collins. Collins is set to inherit the estate upon Mr. Bennett's passing and would have the right to evict Mrs. Bennett and her daughters. This causes much distress for Mrs. Bennet but Collins ensures her he is there to make peace with the family. Collins is a clergyman, set up at a parish by a wealthy Lady Catherine de Bourgh. After dinner, Collins winces at the idea of reading a novel. Instead, he opts to read sermons to the girls only to be interrupted, thus ending his evening with a game of backgammon with Mr. Bennett.

Jun 20, 202326m

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