A Most Dangerous Woman
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A Most Dangerous Woman

Escapist, Thriller, Woman Lead


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In Victorian England, a woman must solve a dark mystery in order to save her husband, suspected of murdering his first wife.
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: Period murder mystery, strong female characters, Victorian London

Voiced by Fiona Hardingham and Stephen West. Written by Brenda Clough. Produced by Lydia Schama. Executive Produced by Molly Barton and Julian Yap. Audio Edited by ARS Audio. Original Score and Composition by Amanda Rose Smith. Art by Ellice Lee.



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1. A New Journal

A calm, quiet life is left behind when Marian Halcombe meets someone new.

May 23, 20181h 32m
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2. The Winter of Our Discontent

Marian’s situation grows more dire as the consequences of Margaret’s reappearance become clear.

May 30, 20181h 7m

3. Judge and Jury

Theo’s case comes to trial, with an unexpected outcome.

Jun 6, 20181h 4m

4. A Fresh Peril

An unexpected tragedy is a boon to Marian and Theo, but they suffer a terrible shock when history repeats itself.

Jun 13, 20181h 10m

5. The Canker of Suspicion

As the search for Margaret’s murderer continues, everyone is a suspect.

Jun 20, 20181h 2m

6. The First Wife's Tale

Marian and Walter come to a stunning conclusion about Margaret Camlet—a realization that might be the key to Theo’s freedom.

Jun 27, 20181h 2m

7. On the Trail of the Blue Hand

New information about Margaret’s faked death gives a glimpse of her real killer.

Jul 11, 20181h 7m

8. The Anarchist Den

A friendly visit leads to a deadly confrontation—and a break in the case.

Jul 18, 20181h 12m

9. Haste to the Wedding

Nature threatens to get the better of Marian’s intentions, despite her best efforts.

Jul 25, 20181h 25m

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