Adrenaline: Ninth Step Murders Season 7
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Adrenaline: Ninth Step Murders

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ADRENALINE is a collection of Realm’s most riveting thrillers, introduced by host Neil Hellegers.
Every month, a new audio series will bring you to the edge of your seat — and keep you there. With episodes dropping twice a week, you’ll never be without something to keep the adrenaline flowing.

Whether you’re uncovering the secret of disappearing ships in the Bermuda Triangle, or in the race of your life against time and your evil doppelgänger, you may want to watch your back, as things are not always as they seem. The suspense and excitement of ADRENALINE will show that fight or flight are not the only options in the face of danger. Sometimes you just need to keep listening…

This month, we are featuring a story called Ninth Step Murders. In a near-future Tokyo, a Japanese investigator and US peacekeeper reluctantly join forces to solve a series of bizarre murders.

It's 2033 and Tokyo, partially occupied by China, is in a state of fear, distrust, and drone-enforced surveillance. When Detective Miyako Koreda is paired with Lieutenant Emma Higashi of the US Peacekeeping force, Miyako is annoyed by the obviously American-backed PR stunt. But as the city is ailed by a rise in gruesome crimes, Miyako and her new partner must quickly learn to trust each other as they race against the clock to investigate each case —which range from a missing shipment of dangerous weapons to a faceless body on the subway platform — all while dealing with frequent blackouts, local gangs, and underground resistance forces.

Ninth Step Murders is a Realm production, written by Malka Older, Curtis C. Chen, Jacqueline Koyanagi, and Fran Wilde. Listen Away.

Hosted by Neil Hellegers.



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Introducing Adrenaline: Ninth Step Murders

Ninth Step Murders is a Realm production, written by Malka Older, Curtis C. Chen, Jacqueline Koyanagi, and Fran Wilde. Listen Away.

Apr 20, 20231m

Ninth Step Murders S1 E1 - The Faceless Body

In a city divided by war, a Tokyo cop and a US peacekeeper are brought together by murder, missing guns, and politics way above their pay grades.

Apr 20, 20231h 34m

Ninth Step Murders S1 E2 - The Bodiless Arm

A severed arm leads Miyako and Emma into the world of extreme body modders, with a side dish of organized crime.

Apr 27, 20231h 39m

Ninth Step Murders S1 E3 - The Fallen Executive

A powerful corporate chairman crashes to his death on a Tokyo sidewalk. Is it suicide? Or murder?

May 4, 20231h 24m

Ninth Step Murders S1 E4 - The Blackout Killer

Power failures are a fact of life in post-war Tokyo. But now, someone is waiting in the dark.

May 11, 20231h 34m

Ninth Step Murders S1 E5 - The Deadly Defection

Miyako and Emma must untangle whether a man who shot a woman on the street is a defector, or a murderer.

May 18, 20231h 22m

Ninth Step Murders S1 E6 - The Stolen Xiǎohái

The child of a Chinese diplomat disappears, and Emma and Miyako are on the case, with a little unwanted help from the other side of the drone curtain.

May 25, 20231h 22m

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