Beatrix Greene


Beatrix Greene

Horror, Paranormal, Fantasy, Historical, Originals


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1. In Which Our Heroine Receives an Unexpected Visitor and Strikes a Devilish Deal

England, 1892. When spiritual medium Beatrix Greene is approached by scientist James Walker with a job offer to conduct a seance, she fears he plans to expose her as a fraud.

Apr 1, 202141m

2. To the Manor Borne

Beatrix and a group of supernatural sleuths—including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle—arrive at the infamously haunted Ashbury Manor, where James awaits with secrets in tow.

Apr 5, 202152m

3. The Séance and the Knife

When Beatrix is possessed by a very real spirit, the seance must go on. James is forced to reveal his true motives.

Apr 12, 202143m

4. Wherein a Ghost Forces Beatrix to Reveal the Truth

As the ghost’s intentions become clear, a treasure hunt begins. Beatrix and James find that being trapped together has a certain appeal.

Apr 19, 202137m

5. The Mysterious Pit

A second seance leads to answers from the past. Amorous inclinations ensue.

Apr 26, 202137m

6. All Terribly Romantic

Beatrix and James learn, too late, that their efforts were in vain: a darker evil threatens them all—and one of their number has unleashed it.

May 3, 202134m

7. A Sacrifice is Required

Someone pays the ultimate price for dabbling in the world of the dead.

May 10, 202131m

8. The Ties That Bind

As James and Beatrix attempt to flee the manor, his past comes back to haunt him.

May 17, 202126m

9. A Legacy of Evil

James confronts his legacy. Beatrix finds something to believe in. To fight for one another, they must suffer the wrath of the ghosts.

May 24, 202148m

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