The Black Panther has a terrible secret.
T'Challa strives for excellence—to be a fair and worthy king, a global citizen, an Avenger. But when an army of undead threatens Wakanda, The Black Panther turns to his long-lost father in the fight against his most lethal opponent yet—the demons of his past. © 2021 MARVEL.



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The Omen

The Black Panther and his fellow Avengers intervene when a dangerous foe targets Rudyarda, a nation once reviled for apartheid practices.

Nov 16, 202030m


A King of Wakanda is resurrected.

Jan 28, 202134m

The Return

The undead patriarch’s presence unsettles Wakanda and adversaries alike.

Jan 28, 202128m


The aftermath of the Rudyarda attack haunts T’Challa—as does his father’s difficult legacy with the country.

Jan 29, 202125m

Hero Turned Villain

T’Challa must uncover the truth behind the not one, but two dead men walking in his kingdom.

Jan 29, 202120m


A diplomatic mission to Rudyarda ends in catastrophe when T’Challa is betrayed.

Jan 29, 202120m

Snake in the Grass

Back in Wakanda, Shuri and Misty Knight contend with an enemy among them.

Feb 1, 202125m

The Crucible

The Black Panther plots his escape.

Feb 1, 202125m


A horrific revelation sends Shuri reeling.

Feb 1, 202130m


As Wakanda is invaded by an enemy alliance, a Black Panther gathers his family to fight.

Feb 3, 202122m

Rise of the Undead

The undead army rises.

Feb 4, 202132m


A warrior is welcomed to the ancestral plane.

Feb 4, 202124m

No Peace

Wakanda is forever changed.

Feb 4, 202136m

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