The Black Widow has been targeted. Now she must find the threat before they find her.
“A topical and timely hero and . . . a topical and timely story.” —The Marvel Report

Someone has stolen the Black Widow’s blood. As Natasha Romanoff follows the trail across the globe, she discovers she wasn’t the only target. Whoever is responsible stole Bucky Barnes’ blood, too. And one thing is certain: anyone who wants the blood of the Widow and the Winter Soldier needs to be taken down, and fast. Despite a tangled web of shared history stretching back to their Red Room days, Barnes and Romanoff must join forces, confronting the demons of their past as they race to protect their future. A single drop of blood could be all it takes to save the world—or destroy it. © 2020 MARVEL



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Blackout Protocol

After hunting down a dangerous biosmuggler, the Black Widow prepares to shed her latest cover and move on. But something isn’t right.

Apr 28, 202030m

Something Stolen, Something Red

As Natasha Romanoff recovers from a night she can’t remember, she seeks out help from Bruce Banner.

Apr 28, 202019m

Bury Me Face Down

The trail goes from hot to cold as the Black Widow hunts down an old friend from the Red Room.

May 5, 202029m

Sleep When I'm Dead

A canine informant, Albanian thugs, and a new twist in Romanoff’s search lead to old memories, but a missing Bucky Barnes.

May 12, 202021m

Flashback City

The past collides with the present when Romanoff discovers Barnes in an unexpected location. But why can’t the Winter Soldier remember the Black Widow?

May 19, 202024m

A Trap with a View

Taking care of Barnes in Novosibirsk brings long-buried feelings to the surface, reminding Romanoff of their complicated relationship.

May 26, 202014m

Of Monsters and Men

The Black Widow gets up to her old tricks and snares a couple of reluctant informants in her web. If only her relationship with Barnes were so straightforward.

Jun 2, 202028m

Old Friends

Romanoff finally pays VECTOR a visit and gets closer to the truth of who stole her blood.

Jun 9, 202022m

Black Tie

Armed with new information, Romanoff and Barnes head to Geneva to crash a party. But first things first: dressing the part.

Jun 16, 202024m

White Nights

With Romanoff’s second wave setting in, the race is on to infiltrate a gala and get some face time with the famous philanthropist Allen Holt.

Jun 23, 202024m

The Carrot and the Stick

Romanoff and Barnes accept Holt’s invitation. It’s time to get some answers.

Jun 30, 202027m

A Rock and a Hard Place

In the depths of Allen Holt’s high-containment facility, the truth finally bleeds out.

Jul 7, 202042m

Fast and Dirty

A dangerous escape, a helicopter chase, and a parasite that needs to be stopped—standard operating procedure for the Black Widow and Winter Soldier.

Jul 14, 202034m

Friends in High Places

Old endings and new beginnings as Romanoff and Barnes save the world.

Jul 21, 202031m

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