A secret black-ops team backed by the Vatican sets out to protect humanity from the impending apocalypse.
When her brother becomes possessed by a mysterious powerful demon, NYPD detective Sal Brooks joins a group of occult investigators in a race around the world to find a cure and hunt down some of the most dangerous artifacts in existence: books containing deadly magic.

Battling nefarious forces while trying to prevent an apocalypse from erupting? All in a day’s work for Team Three of the Societas Librorum Occultorum.

Voiced by Xe Sands. Created by Max Gladstone. Written by Amal El-Mohtar, Max Gladstone, Margaret Dunlap, Mur Lafferty, Brian Francis Slattery, and Andrea Phillips. Executive Produced by Molly Barton and Julian Yap. Audio Edited by Amanda Rose Smith. Sound Designed by Amanda Rose Smith. Musical Theme by Amanda Rose Smith. Art by Pea the Feary and Jeffrey Veregge.



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1.1 Badge, Book, and Candle

Detective Sal Brooks investigates an unusual robbery, and discovers that magic is real—and hungry.

Jun 11, 20151h 18m
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1.2 Anywhere But Here

Welcome to the Bookburners, Sal. Hope you survive the experience.

Jun 11, 20151h 23m

1.3 Fair Weather

When a magical book wreaks havoc on a luxury yacht, little is as it seems on the high seas.

Jul 15, 20151h 12m

1.4 A Sorcerer's Apprentice

Good intentions in Glasgow lead to disastrous results.

Jul 22, 20151h 11m

1.5 The Market Arcanum

The first rule of the Market is you do not talk about the Market.

Jul 20, 20151h 15m

1.6 Big Sky

Weather Alert: Tornado eating titans on the loose in Oklahoma.

Jul 20, 20151h 14m

1.7 Now and Then

Grace’s adventures in Shanghai come to light.

Oct 21, 20151h 18m

1.8 Under My Skin

When it comes to tattoos in the City of Sin, what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas.

Oct 28, 20151h 10m

1.9 Ancient Wonders

With the enemy always two steps ahead, Sal and Team Three seek new answers from an old Oracle.

Nov 4, 20151h 11m

1.10 Shore Leave

Grace gets a day off and time threatens to swallow Rome.

Nov 11, 20151h 9m

1.11 Codex Umbra

The team faces off against Mr. Norse in a battle of otherworldly proportions.

Nov 18, 20151h 19m

1.12 Puppets

Attacks come from all sides in the scramble for the Codex Umbra.

Dec 2, 20151h 10m

1.13 Keeping Friends Close

Will Team Three splinter under the pressure of Sal's possession?

Dec 9, 201558m

1.14 An Excellent Day for an Exorcism

Will Team Two have to kill Sal in order to save her?

Dec 16, 20151h 0m

1.15 Things Lost

A desperate Sal and Team Three must break into the Black Archives.

Dec 23, 20151h 5m

1.16 Siege

It all comes down to this.

Dec 30, 20151h 8m

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