A secret black-ops team backed by the Vatican sets out to protect humanity from the impending apocalypse.
When her brother becomes possessed by a mysterious powerful demon, NYPD detective Sal Brooks joins a group of occult investigators in a race around the world to find a cure and hunt down some of the most dangerous artifacts in existence: books containing deadly magic.

Battling nefarious forces while trying to prevent an apocalypse from erupting? All in a day’s work for Team Three of the Societas Librorum Occultorum.



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4.1 Body Problems

The team receives a mysterious invitation from the Maitresse.

Jun 13, 20181h 23m

4.2 The Blood-Dimmed Tide

A surprise inheritance keeps the Bookburners guessing.

Jun 20, 20181h 13m

4.3 Alexander Norse

On the trail of a murderer, the team races to stop him from killing again.

Jun 27, 20181h 4m

4.4 Man About Town

With their previous mission rendered impossible by the battle in London, the Bookburners search for a new purpose.

Jul 11, 20181h 18m

4.5 Hell Gate Bridge

A fresh murder brings Sal back to her old stomping grounds.

Jul 18, 20181h 4m

4.6 O'er the Deep Blue Sea

The search for a storied magical artifact lands the Bookburners in a race against time.

Jul 25, 20181h 12m

4.7 Wax

Grace faces an old enemy as the team prepares for an onslaught of magic.

Aug 1, 20181h 14m

4.8 A Message Across Worlds

The Bookburners return to the scene of an old failure . . . and try their best not to repeat their previous mistakes.

Aug 8, 20181h 13m

4.9 Eating Words

Despite their separation from the Church, the Bookburners rush to defend the Vatican when news of an impending attack arrives.

Aug 15, 20181h 15m

4.10 Alexandria Leaving

The Engströms’ final play for power has deadly consequences.

Aug 22, 20181h 30m

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