A secret black-ops team backed by the Vatican sets out to protect humanity from the impending apocalypse.
When her brother becomes possessed by a mysterious powerful demon, NYPD detective Sal Brooks joins a group of occult investigators in a race around the world to find a cure and hunt down some of the most dangerous artifacts in existence: books containing deadly magic.

Battling nefarious forces while trying to prevent an apocalypse from erupting? All in a day’s work for Team Three of the Societas Librorum Occultorum.



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5.1 Lights Out

They’re here to dismantle the world.

Jun 12, 201959m

5.2 The Fall of Rome

The team escapes Rome.

Jun 19, 20191h 24m

5.3 Ouroboros Interrupted

The team returns to Iceland.

Jun 26, 20191h 3m

5.4 The End of Time

The team is in crisis.

Jul 3, 20191h 13m

5.5 All the Way Down

They arrive at the gate.

Jul 10, 20191h 13m

5.6 The End of the Beginning

It’s all over.

Jul 17, 20191h 29m

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