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1. Arrivals

Two young bladecrafters get a brutal introduction to politics.

Apr 18, 20181h 9m

2. Fault Lines

The board is set for a deadly game.

Apr 25, 201858m

3. Baby Shower

Keep your friends close and . . . invite your enemies to a party?

May 2, 20181h 8m

4. The Gauntlet

Kris steps into the dueling circle.

May 9, 20181h 11m

5. Trade Deal

The warders tally the cost of victory.

May 16, 201853m

6. Spiraling

Defeat is snatched from the jaws of victory.

May 23, 20181h 1m

7. Dreadnought

Twaa-Fei descends into suspicion and fear.

May 30, 20181h 10m

8. Refugees

The winds of war blow, but the nations of the sky wait.

Jun 6, 20181h 2m

9. Assassination

A declaration and a revelation on Twaa-Fei.

Jun 13, 201854m

10. Shattered Blades

War across the entire sky.

Jun 20, 20181h 2m

11. All the Nations of the Sky

The only way out is forward.

Jun 27, 20181h 11m

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