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It is London, 1885 — an alternate history, where the computer age has come 150 years early.
In this world of airships, automatons, and computational engines, a family of Victorian science geniuses match wits and weapons against a criminal mastermind for the fate of the Empire.



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BRASS: The Devil In Whitechapel, Episode 1

Crooks and Nannies: Lord and Lady Brass pay a visit on a grieving widow, and find themselves drawn head-first into the mystery of a missing child. Cast List

Aug 29, 202326m

BRASS: The Devil In Whitechapel, Episode 2

Falling Rocks and Flying Knives. Trapped in The Spookhouse, the deathtrap-laden lair of the villainous Peck-in-the-Crown, the Brasses have their ingenuity tested to the shattering point, while a sinister conspiracy stays one step ahead of them.

Aug 31, 202328m

Missives from the World of BRASS, Chapter One: Lady Brass’s Guide to Sleuthing

In the first of our new BRASS limited series, Lady Brass gives a short primer in how to solve mysteries–or at least, the ones she considers worth solving. Starring Kate Kraay as Lady Brass, with original music by Bruce Monroe.

Sep 21, 20235m


Missives from the World of BRASS: Episode 2, Vincent Law

London’s most louche crime lord Vincent Law shares thoughts from his private diary, including meditations on style, crime and the shocking revelation that he is being stalked by an unlikely admirer. Featuring Tadd Morgan,

Sep 26, 202311m


Missives from the World of BRASS, Episode 3: Vinegar Tom and Holt

In the third episode of our new mini-series, the plot thickens as two rogues-for-hire compare notes on their new employer, the enigmatic Angel of Blood.

Sep 28, 20237m

Missives from the World of BRASS, Episode 4: The Antiquarian’s Bookstore

The latest in our new BRASS miniseries features special guest Larry Albert (Harry Nile, Dr. Watson in Imagination Theatre’s Sherlock Holmes) in the role he originated, the loathsome Antiquarian. When an assassin arrives at his bookstore,

Jul 19, 202214m

Missives from the World of BRASS, Episode 5: Dandy of the Year

Cyril Brass, fashion-plate and formidable fighter, shares his thoughts upon being selected as Dandy of the Year by Jim Dandy Magazine (The Magazine for Dandies).

Aug 23, 202210m

Missives from the World of BRASS, Episode 6: Lady Brass’s Guide to Clues

The (other) Great Detective shares her thoughts on what clues are and how to know when you’ve encountered one–and encounters more than a few herself.

Sep 21, 20229m

Missives from the World of BRASS 7: The Library of Memory

Lady Brass delves into a correspondence kept in a locked drawer of her House of Memory–letters from the woman who taught her how to truly use a sword.

Oct 25, 202215m

Missives from the World of BRASS, Episode 8: A Bouquet of Clues

A correspondence between Lady and Lord Brass reveals yet another mystery, and another clue in solving the greater question: who is the Angel of Blood?  

Nov 30, 202213m

Missives from the World of BRASS 9: Intermittent Correspondents

In the conclusion to our Missives mini-series, the Angel of Blood writes a final letter to Lady Brass–but will it receive a reply?  

Dec 20, 202212m

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