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1.1 Immaculate

In the desert, sometimes even the worst storm can look like hope.

Oct 18, 201831m

1.2 The Ageless Man

Imma becomes a shadow in the desert.

Oct 25, 201835m

1.3 The Bullet Catcher's Apprentice

Imma, and the Bullet Catcher, learn that it will take more than a gunshot wound to keep her down.

Nov 1, 201839m

1.4 Old Friends

Imma learns that bullets can be bitter medicine.

Nov 8, 201837m

1.5 Bruises

Imma is given a choice. “I don’t want to run. I want him dead.”

Nov 15, 201843m

1.6 Old Ghosts

“Later we will argue, now, we ride.”

Nov 24, 201830m

1.7 Good-for-Nothing

Imma has found someone she lost long ago, and maybe a home. But is that enough?

Nov 29, 201832m

1.8 Shootout at Bad Pines

Imma gets introduced to the family business. And it’s a lot bloodier than she’d like.

Dec 6, 201838m

1.9 Ride to Tablerock

“Gunslingers, Bullet Catchers. Those are just names. They ain’t got nothing to do with right and wrong.”

Dec 13, 201846m

1.10 The Plan

Imma decides it’s time to choose what is right, and what is wrong.

Dec 20, 201821m

1.11 Rites

“History is a hard lesson, Imma.”

Jan 10, 201935m

1.12 At Home in the Storm

Imma discovers that forgiveness is more satisfying than revenge.

Jan 17, 201926m

1.13 Good Heart

Imma has learned, at last, who she is. “I will bend. I will splinter. I won't break.”

Jan 24, 201932m

1.14 Wolf and Cub

There’s one last battle to be fought for the Southland.

Jan 31, 201940m

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