After meeting a man with the power to catch bullets, a woman is hell-bent on becoming a bullet catcher herself.
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: A magical western for fans of The Dark Tower and True Grit, with a badass female protagonist, action and adventure, and a unique coming-of-age story

Created by Joaquin Lowe. Written by Joaquin Lowe. Voiced by Inés del Castillo.



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2.1 Beyond Damnation

Imma, Lobo, and Cass set off to rescue Nikko from the gunslingers.

Mar 5, 202026m

2.2 House of the Moon

One run-in with gunslingers later, Imma, Lobo, and Cass secure passage on a steamship heading north.

Mar 12, 202029m

2.3 Northward Bound

In disguise, Imma, Lobo, and Cass travel north by boat. It is not a pleasant voyage.

Mar 19, 202028m

2.4 The Price of Conscience

The Northward Bound is thrown into chaos when Imma stops an innocent man from being killed in her place.

Mar 26, 202025m

2.5 The Golden City

Alone in Gilden, Imma finds medical help and flees gunslingers.

Apr 2, 202030m

2.6 The Irregulars

Imma finds help in an unexpected place and experiences a terrible loss.

Apr 9, 202027m

2.7 The Rookery

Imma finds help in an unexpected place and experiences a terrible loss.

Apr 16, 202026m

2.8 Again

Imma settles into life with the Irregulars and trains hard with Mal.

Apr 23, 202024m

2.9 Opening Night

Opening night at the circus does not go according to plan.

Apr 30, 202024m

2.10 The Way In

A long night at the circus is followed by unforeseen opportunity.

May 7, 202030m

2.11 Wolves and Lambs

Imma has a chance to finally talk to Nikko and a plan starts to come together.

May 14, 202028m

2.12 A Long Time Coming

Imma sneaks into the Capitol Building and finds her brother.

May 21, 202022m

2.13 The Wolves Come Home

Secrets are revealed at last.

May 28, 202025m

2.14 The Way Out

Secrets finally out in the open, it’s time for a daring escape.

Jun 4, 202023m

2.15 Close to Home

Imma and her family set off for the Southlands, with Mal and the gunslingers standing in their way.

Jun 11, 202024m

2.16 Carry the Burden

Cornered at the border, Imma and her family make one last stand to fight their way home.

Jun 18, 202021m

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