An orphan with nothing left to lose braves the treacherous desert in order to become a mystical bullet catcher.
Since her brother went missing, Imma has dreams of becoming a bullet catcher: an outlaw who can fend off bullets with a bare hand. So when a real bullet catcher shows up one day, she jumps at the chance to honor her brother’s legacy and learn the tricks of the trade. But when she uncovers a shocking secret, she is propelled on an unexpected journey of grit, purpose, and searing hot vengeance.

Created by Joaquin Lowe. Written by Joaquin Lowe. Voiced by Inés del Castillo.



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3.1 Death in Watertown

Kill the sheriff.

Sep 23, 202025m

3.2 The Gunslinger

Cass and Nikko leave Watertown, searching for a bullet catcher who doesn’t want to be found.

Sep 23, 202024m

3.3 The Road

Gunslingers on the road to Graves End.

Sep 30, 202026m

3.4 Find Imma

“That’s another thing Lobo taught me: There ain’t no one that can run forever.”

Oct 7, 202021m

3.5 A Day in the Life in Watertown

Naq prepares to do battle for his people.

Oct 14, 202025m

3.6 Together Again

Finally, Imma is found. And nothing about her life is what is used to be.

Oct 21, 202023m

3.7 Reunions

Imma, Cass, and Nikko set off to find the bullet catchers from the first war, but the war finds them first.

Oct 28, 202020m

3.8 Half Moon

“When the time comes, Imma, you won’t be alone. We’ll be there with you.”

Nov 4, 202024m

3.9 Fear of Death

More bullet catchers mean more bullets.

Nov 11, 202020m

3.10 Trust

Watertown waits for another gunslinger attack…and waits for Imma to save them from it.

Nov 18, 202018m

3.11 The Hermit

“Killing is the easy part of war.”

Nov 25, 202023m

3.12 The Road Home

Imma’s army of bullet catchers approaches a city under strife.

Dec 2, 202022m

3.13 The Lovers


Dec 9, 202022m

3.14 The Last Days of Watertown

“I’m from Watertown. I’ve come to negotiate our official surrender.”

Dec 16, 202021m

3.15 Last Ride of the Bullet Catchers

Naq and Imma reunite. The real fight—for Watertown, for justice, and for their future together—begins.

Dec 23, 202026m

3.16 After Watertown

Wolf cub.

Dec 30, 202022m

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