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1. National Security Incident

They stole her game . . . and now she must join their fight.

Apr 1, 20211h 14m

2. A New Player Has Joined

Tandy struggles to fit into Team USA.

Apr 9, 20211h 12m

3. Do the Math

The team takes a chance. It doesn’t go well.

Apr 16, 20211h 2m

4. Xyzzy

The team goes on a quest.

Apr 23, 20211h 13m

5. Minglegrass Wood

A hotfix, a rare drop, and a mini boss.

Apr 30, 20211h 10m

6. Battle Royale

PvP mode engaged.

May 7, 202154m

7. Quickened Soup for the Soul

Welcome to the Afterlife. Everything is fine.

May 14, 20211h 12m

8. Dungeons in Dragons

They search for a powerful spell.

May 21, 20211h 20m

9. Skullduggery

Time to storm the Skull King’s Keep.

May 28, 20211h 18m

10. Boss Monster

There’s only one way out of this mess.

Jun 4, 20211h 17m

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