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Dark Heights

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What to Do in Park Heights

Strange things are afoot in Park Heights.

Jul 17, 201942m

Shadow of the Sorrow

Tess makes a new friend. Majeaux makes an old friend.

Jul 24, 201945m

The Girl in the Mansion

The cards hold something deadly.

Jul 31, 201952m

Late Night at Crazies

Stillness can be unbearable, silence terrifying.

Aug 7, 201934m

101 Wing

Something strange is going on at the Wellness Centre.

Aug 14, 201931m

After the War

There was a time when we were powerful.

Aug 21, 201938m

Coma Jump Confessions

You don’t know everything about me.

Aug 28, 201940m


A newcomer checks into the Evergreen Motel.

Sep 4, 201936m

The Teacher

Majeaux takes on a student.

Sep 11, 201939m

Arcyn and Absence

A journey to Distant Kingdom, a visit to Arcyn.

Sep 18, 201942m

The Girl in the Mirror

Tess receives an invitation to Arcyn.

Sep 25, 201941m

Out of the Mockingbird’s Throat

FBI Casefile: Agent Priya Mehta

Oct 2, 201932m

Nightfall, Part 1

A gala at Arcyn.

Oct 9, 201949m

Nightfall, Part 2

Hands reach for me.

Oct 16, 201934m

Nightfall, Part 3

I have to go back to Nightfall.

Oct 23, 201939m


Say goodbye.

Oct 30, 20191h 5m

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