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1. The Night of the Screaming Horses

Old murder, new questions.

Aug 1, 201850m

2. More Questions than Answers

Mackenzie dives down the rabbit hole.

Aug 15, 20181h 6m

3. Breakdown

Mackenzie heads to the Kentucky Derby. For research, of course.

Aug 22, 20181h 5m

4. The Call to the Castle

Mackenzie goes to prison.

Aug 29, 20181h 1m

5. Not All Secrets Stay Buried

Dead women can tell tales.

Sep 5, 20181h 4m

6. Poison

Mackenzie receives a deadly gift.

Sep 12, 20181h 5m

7. The Angel's Share

Poison. Threats. Suicide. The danger is mounting, but Mackenzie can't stop now.

Sep 19, 20181h 3m

8. The End

Dead Air hits a dead end.

Sep 26, 20181h 0m

9. Dark Horse

Sometimes you have to learn when to walk away.

Oct 3, 201858m

10. Justice for Some

Mackenzie has the truth. Now she just has to live to tell it.

Oct 10, 20181h 3m

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