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1. The Murder

Meet the victim: Margaret Heather Graham, also known as Peg. She was new to the horse racing scene, didn’t keep her opinions to herself, and had a lot of enemies.

Nov 20, 202018m

2. Who Killed Peg?

The most obvious suspect is always the husband. Dick Carlisle’s alibi may be weak, but did he have a motive?

Nov 20, 202016m

3. Dirty Racing

There’s a darker side to horse racing: drugs, death, and dishonesty. Peg had big plans to clean up the industry. Did that make her a target?

Nov 20, 202017m

4. The Prison Interview

Mackenzie goes to prison to interview convicted murderer Brandon McDonal. It doesn’t go well.

Nov 20, 202016m

5. Secret Society

Dig too deeply into the murder of Peg Graham, and you're bound to come across a reference to the Order of St. Franklin. Who are they and could they be involved?

Nov 20, 202017m

6. Rest in Peace

After news of a shocking death, Mackenzie receives a dangerous gift.

Nov 20, 202011m

7. Secret Society, Busted

Mackenzie sneaks into the top-secret induction ceremony of a secret society. What she finds out changes everything.

Nov 20, 202015m

8. Goodbye

What started as a way to shine a light in the dark has been consumed by darkness.

Nov 20, 20202m

9. Bootleg Dead Air: "What Happened to Mackenzie?"

Where is Mackenzie, and what happened to scare her off the case? Your favorite Dead Air redditors take over and look into what might be going on, what personal disasters Mackenzie could be dealing with, and what she’s potentially lying about.

Nov 20, 202014m

10. The Real Killer

A shocking revelation, a new suspect, and some answers.

Nov 20, 202023m

11. Aftermath

We finally know the truth about who killed Peg Graham.

Nov 20, 202018m

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