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When a fierce tribe of woodland elves - the Wolfriders - are burned from their homes by hostile humans, their chief, Cutter, must tap every reserve of strength and will to lead his people to safety.
Barely surviving brutal setbacks, the Wolfriders discover to their astonishment other elves - the Sun Folk - who exist in the world they thought was theirs alone. Now refugees, the hardship of losing their forest home proves small compared to the spirit-twisting trials that follow when Cutter experiences an unexpected soul-to-soul bond with the healer of the Sun Folk, Leetah. Join us as the Wolfriders confront danger, death, and desperate flight as they wrestle with deep mysteries of identity and love. Welcome, as Realm presents the epic saga ElfQuest from comic book creators Wendy and Richard Pini in this richly layered audio movie.

Created by Wendy Pini and Richard Pini. Directed by Fred Greenhalgh. Produced by Dagaz Media.



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Introducing ElfQuest

Introducing ElfQuest, a new podcast presented by Realm.

Jul 8, 20221m

Bonus Feature - The Elves of the World of Two Moons

Meet Savah, Mother of Memory as she introduces the Wolfriders and the Sun Folk

Jul 8, 20225m

Teaser - Fire and Flight

Listen to the first ten minutes of Episode One of ElfQuest

Jul 8, 202210m

1. Fire and Flight

Driven from their ancestral forest home by humans wielding fire, Wolfrider chief Cutter and his elfin tribe must seek refuge from the inferno in the mysterious Caverns of the Trolls. But can the subterranean dwellers be trusted?

Sep 1, 202226m

2. Trollish Treachery

Beneath the blazing ruin of their woodland home, the Wolfriders meet King Greymung, monarch of the trolls, who promises them safe passage to a new, lush Holt. But what they discover is not what they expect.

Sep 8, 202225m

3. The Burning Waste

Tormented by betrayal and the scorching desert sun, the Wolfriders press desperately forward toward mountains dimly seen on the distant horizon. The elves cannot know what – or who – may lie beyond.

Sep 15, 202231m

4. Raid at Sorrow’s End

Wolfrider chief Cutter leads a raid on the Sun Village to seize much-needed supplies. He gets more than he bargained for when he inexplicably abducts one of the villagers – much to the astonishment of both elves.

Sep 22, 202230m

5. Recognition!

As the Wolfriders settle into life in the Sorrow’s End, Cutter and Leetah struggle with the undeniable power of their Recognition, while a rival for the healer’s heart challenges the Wolfrider chief to an ancient contest.

Sep 29, 202233m

6. The Challenge

The Trial of Hand, Head, and Heart pits Rayek and Cutter against each other as suitors to Leetah. Buy no matter who wins, the healer must still wrestle with the impossible choice between her lifelong friend and a barbaric outsider.

Oct 6, 202237m

7. Wolfsong

Awakened from nightmares of Cutter, Leetah follows the sound of wolf howls into the desert night. Hiding, she overhears the Wolfriders recount the tale of how a malignant swirl of dark magic came to terrorize the Holt.

Oct 13, 202222m

8. Blood of Ten Chiefs

Cutter and his chief-father Bearclaw track the murderous creature Madcoil to its lair. Now all the Wolfriders must rally for one final battle – which will have far-reaching consequences for the tribe, and for Cutter.

Oct 20, 202216m

9. Voice of the Sun

As Cutter and Leetah continue to suffer the effects of resisting Recognition, a nearby volcano rumbles to life. Can the Wolfriders save the Sun Folk from a new peril that threatens to level their village?

Oct 27, 202221m

10. The Bridge of Destiny

Leetah’s powers as a healer are sorely tested as one of the Wolfriders suffers a dire accident. But that challenge pales in comparison to her inner struggle – maintain her proud freedom? Or yield to the allure of Recognition?

Nov 3, 202224m

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