A robotics genius creates the perfect AI: perfectly intuitive, perfectly emotive . . . and perfectly unpredictable.
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: Near-future sci-fi, fast-paced storytelling, the dangers of AI

Written by Nicole M. Taylor.



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Episode 1

Edmond doesn’t know when exactly he encountered his first slave.

Dec 23, 20191h 7m
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Episode 2

Edmond debuts Damsel at The Expo and comes across a surprising opportunity.

Dec 23, 20191h 4m

Episode 3

A visit to the new lab isn’t exactly what Edmond expects.

Dec 23, 20191h 5m

Episode 4

A new generation of robots arise from Damsel.

Dec 23, 20191h 1m

Episode 5

When one door closes, another opens.

Dec 23, 20191h 13m

Episode 6

The computer recognizes them as machines, but responds to Hart as a person.

Dec 23, 20191h 5m

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