An FBI linguist goes undercover as an Egyptian heiress in the Cairo art scene in order to stop a terrorist plot.
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: High-stakes international thriller, dives into the underbelly of relic-running, directly informed by the original director of the FBI Art Crimes Division

Written by Lisa Klink, Patrick Lohier, and Diana Renn. Voiced by Lauren Ezzo. Advised by Robert K. Wittman (FBI). Art by Charles Orr.



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1. Operation Cairo

All that glitters

Jan 31, 20181h 26m

2. The Glass Slipper

A careless mistake

Feb 7, 20181h 9m

3. Who Do You Think You Are?

Incriminating evidence

Feb 14, 20181h 30m

4. Stolen Treasures

An unwelcome discovery

Feb 21, 20181h 18m

5. Family and Friends

An ethical dilemma

Feb 28, 20181h 22m

6. Ties That Bind

A dangerous encounter

Mar 7, 20181h 25m

7. Trails of Evidence

A deadly shock

Mar 14, 20181h 25m

8. Deadly Oasis

Trust issues

Mar 21, 20181h 22m

9. Fault Lines

The view from the shadows

Mar 28, 20181h 16m

10. Line of Fire

Imminent threat

Apr 4, 20181h 6m

11. Ozymandias

Family ties

Apr 11, 20181h 9m

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