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Welcome to your deepest FEAR! Since humanity first gathered around a campfire, we’ve been sharing stories to freak each other out and spark the darker side of our imaginations. From the mysterious to the macabre, the supernatural to the supremely bizarre, our FEAR feed features similarly shocking tales, with new episodes dropping weekly, presented by Pun Bandhu.
At Realm, the joy of feeling creepy-crawlies tingle up your spine is never out of season, and our always-on chronicles of the ghostly, ghastly, grotesque and everything in between are sure to haunt your every step. So, keep that nightlight on, one eye open, and your head on a swivel because nowhere is safe when you’re immersed in FEAR.

This month, we’re featuring Dark Heights. A small California town—and three people within it—become the targets of an ancient evil.

Tess Bellamy’s return home is anything but triumphant. She’s decided Hollywood isn’t for her, resigned to a normal life of caring for her ailing mother. Linna Severand would be a powerful sorceress...if she could escape her family’s mansion, and usurp their control of her magic. Gabriel Majeaux once tried to save the world from evil. Now he’s the last of his kind, moving from place to place to avoid detection.

After a series of horrifying events, their lives collide...and if they aren’t prepared, it’s unlikely they’ll survive.

Dark Heights is a Realm production, written by C.D. Miller.

Hosted by Pun Bandhu.



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Introducing Fear: Beatrix Greene

Written by New York Times bestselling author Rachel Hawkins, this historical horror story traps a group of sleuths in a haunted house desperate to escape the wrath of a vengeful ghost.

Dec 13, 20222m

Beatrix Greene E1 - In Which Our Heroine Receives an Unexpected Visitor and Strikes a Devilish Deal

England, 1892. When spiritual medium Beatrix Greene is approached by scientist James Walker with a job offer to conduct a seance, she fears he plans to expose her as a fraud.

Dec 13, 202244m

Beatrix Greene E2 - To the Manor Borne

Beatrix and a group of supernatural sleuths—including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle—arrive at the infamously haunted Ashbury Manor, where James awaits with secrets in tow.

Dec 20, 202255m

Beatrix Greene E3 - The Séance and the Knife

When Beatrix is possessed by a very real spirit, the seance must go on. James is forced to reveal his true motives.

Jan 3, 202346m

Beatrix Greene E4 - Wherein a Ghost Forces Beatrix to Reveal the Truth

As the ghost’s intentions become clear, a treasure hunt begins. Beatrix and James find that being trapped together has a certain appeal.

Jan 10, 202341m

Beatrix Greene E5 - The Mysterious Pit

A second seance leads to answers from the past. Amorous inclinations ensue.

Jan 17, 202340m

Beatrix Greene E6 - All Terribly Romantic

Beatrix and James learn, too late, that their efforts were in vain: a darker evil threatens them all—and one of their number has unleashed it.

Jan 24, 202337m

Beatrix Greene E7 - A Sacrifice is Required

Someone pays the ultimate price for dabbling in the world of the dead.

Jan 31, 202334m

Beatrix Greene E8 - The Ties That Bind

As James and Beatrix attempt to flee the manor, his past comes back to haunt him. Episode written by Rachel Hawkins.

Feb 7, 202329m

Beatrix Greene E9 - A Legacy of Evil

James confronts his legacy. Beatrix finds something to believe in. To fight for one another, they must suffer the wrath of the ghosts.

Feb 14, 202351m

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