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1. Death Clerk

As the four clerks-to-be fight for their places, the court hears a death penalty case with a twist: can a man with a traumatic brain injury inflicted in prison be executed for a crime he can’t remember?

Jan 8, 202055m

2. The First Day of School

While the new clerks settle in, two cases pick up media attention: a woman fighting to destroy frozen embryos that her late husband’s parents want to keep, and an injunction related to a law in Texas requiring school children to be vaccinated.

Jan 15, 202051m

3. Spin Cycle

Sexual tension sparks between Odessa and Jack. And Charlotte starts to worry when Justice Russo, renowned for her encyclopedic knowledge, misquotes a law.

Jan 22, 202053m


Gabriel learns that he wasn’t the first choice for his position and Jack is unable to avoid an awkward lunch with his dad and the Chief Justice.

Jan 29, 202053m

5. Nobody Panic

Some Sunday evening bonding turns sour when Gabriel and Jack get aggressive with each other on the basketball court.

Feb 5, 202058m

6. Pleasure Seekers United

Privacy is the word of the day as the court hears a class action lawsuit over a dildo—or, rather, “sexual enhancement device”—that sends personal information to the app developers.

Feb 12, 202052m

7. Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving, a holiday for revelations—Jack learns the truth about why his fiancée left him a few months ago, and Gabriel finds Charlotte’s notes on Justice Russo.

Feb 19, 202047m

8. Drop Dead

The embryo case finally gets its day in court, but the clerks are having trouble focusing on the law.

Feb 26, 202055m

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