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Geek Actually

Queer, Long Binge, Woman Lead


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A group of nerdy female friends navigates life and love in a sexy serial that’s all about feminism, friendship, and fandom.
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: Passes the Bechdel test, multi-dimensional characters you will root for, fandom, feminism, friendship, a dash of romance



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1. WTF

Meet your new best girlfriends in this sexy, genre-busting serial that’s all about feminism, friendship, and fandom.

Jun 7, 20171h 32m
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2. The Invisible Woman

Sparks fly for Christina on set. Taneesha's attempt to speak up at work backfires. Elli's parents issue an ultimatum.

Jun 14, 20171h 25m

3. Boss Battles

Romance may be on the cards for Taneesha. Elli tries to beat the boss at her new job. Aditi tiptoes through a visit from her in-laws.

Jun 21, 20171h 18m

4. The Long Con

Michelle, Aditi, and Elli hit Booklovers Con. Things heat up for both Taneesha and Christina.

Jun 28, 20171h 39m

5. Beware Rage Bait

Taneesha decides to exact some revenge. Michelle calls Aditi for some advice.

Jul 5, 20171h 11m

6. Can You Not?

Michelle does some experimenting. Taneesha finds herself in a disturbing situation.

Oct 26, 20171h 43m

7. Pussy Bites Back

Aditi speaks her mind. Elli sees more of Ruby’s world.

Jul 19, 20171h 9m

8. A Dox on Both Your Houses

Taneesha faces a false accusation. Michelle swallows her pride.

Jul 26, 20171h 31m

9. Aces Wild

Taneesha and Elli make breakthrough discoveries.

Aug 2, 20171h 12m

10. Well, Actually...

New frontiers for the Rebel Scum.

Aug 9, 20171h 6m

11. It's Not Me, It's You

Make-ups and break-ups.

Aug 16, 20171h 6m

12. System Failure

Elli and Michelle each find themselves in uncomfortable situations.

Aug 23, 20171h 18m

13. Squad Goals

Rebel Scum forever.

Aug 30, 20171h 20m

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