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1. Blood on the Altar

Justix Iris Tharro is an experienced investigator, but when the body of a young woman is found on the altar in the wind god’s temple, it looks like more than a simple murder.

Apr 1, 202142m

2. Making Waves

Iris pays a visit to the black market, and Andy consults with a nymph.

Apr 6, 202143m

3. Black Market

Things go very wrong when Iris overplays her hand in criminal haven Greasetown.

Apr 13, 202145m

4. Shadow of Death

Iris pays a visit to the death goddess’ temple.

Apr 20, 202148m

5. Outlanders

Andy finally comes clean.

Apr 27, 202134m

6. The Price of Service

Only one goddess had the means, motive, and opportunity to commit the crime, and they’ve just walked through her door.

May 4, 202138m

7. The Sacrifice

Andy has an ace up his sleeve.

May 11, 202136m

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