An investigator with a damaged reputation reluctantly teams up with a disgraced son of a Goddess to solve the murder of a mortal.

WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: A fast-paced, modern fantasy featuring an assortment of gods and their descendents behaving badly—with a dash of romance to boot.

Created by Elizabeth Vail. Written by Elizabeth Vail. Voiced by Cary Hite and Sarah Mollo-Christensen.



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2.1 On the Run

Andymion Eriki, disgraced demigod, has escaped his mother’s prison. Only Justix Iris Tharro can find him...and even better, find out why.

Dec 16, 202040m

2.2 Blank Slate

Accused of murdering a minor god, Andy resorts the Rites of Old Justice to buy himself time to prove his innocence.

Dec 16, 202036m

2.3 Wine, Suspects, and Song

Iris and Andy visit a retirement home for the gods and, later, play a drinking game with the goddess of revels.

Dec 23, 202041m

2.4 A Bitter Pill

While tracking down the source of the mind-erasing drug, Andy has a family reunion.

Dec 30, 202040m

2.5 Inside Man

Amidst the chaos, sparks fly.

Jan 6, 202140m

2.6 The Spring of Forgetfulness

Proving Andy’s innocence isn’t enough to satiate the Grimmers’ appetite.

Jan 13, 202134m

2.7 Old Justice

A masquerade serves as a trap for the gods—and the guilty.

Jan 20, 202142m

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