Gods & Lies Season 2


Gods & Lies

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Episode 1

Andymion Eriki, disgraced demigod, has escaped his mother’s prison. Only Justix Iris Tharro can find him...and even better, find out why.

Dec 16, 202040m

Episode 2

Accused of murdering a minor god, Andy resorts the Rites of Old Justice to buy himself time to prove his innocence.

Dec 16, 202036m

Episode 3

Iris and Andy visit a retirement home for the gods and, later, play a drinking game with the goddess of revels.

Dec 23, 202041m

Episode 4

While tracking down the source of the mind-erasing drug, Andy has a family reunion.

Dec 30, 202040m

Episode 5

Amidst the chaos, sparks fly.

Jan 6, 202140m

Episode 6

Proving Andy’s innocence isn’t enough to satiate the Grimmers’ appetite.

Jan 13, 202134m

Episode 7

A masquerade serves as a trap for the gods—and the guilty.

Jan 20, 202142m

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