If I Go Missing the Witches Did It
Realm Original


If I Go Missing the Witches Did It

Thriller, Fantasy Drama, Fantasy, Funny, Contemporary Drama


When a Black writer goes missing, a white podcast host with a savior complex takes up the cause of finding her—and collides with a coven of influencers she suspects are responsible. "Where true crime and witchcraft meet...the show masks digestible magic for the beginner witch underneath a tale that discusses all the wrongs in society, which is really what witchcraft is all about." — Teen Vogue. "A thriller with heart." — Good Morning America
After a summer in Westchester soaking up how the other half lives, Jenna Clayton has vanished without a trace. The only clue: a set of voice memos detailing an investigation into a group of influencers she suspected were using magic to achieve their means.
Elise Edgerton is outraged that no one has found Jenna yet, and decides to take up the cause. But despite believing she is using her platform for good, Elise’s mission threatens to turn her into an even worse villain than a witch: a white savior.

Written by Pia Wilson.



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If I Go Missing the Witches Did It premieres Fall 2021

Aug 11, 20211m

Do Not Die First

Jenna Clayton arrives in Westchester for the summer with Victor, her wealthy, white boyfriend. A month later, gossip-podcaster Elise Edgerton runs into old-flame Victor in a coffee shop and learns Jenna has gone missing.

Sep 23, 202123m

These Retrogrades Are Killing Me

At a summer BBQ, Jenna clashes with a group of influencers: Brooke, Carmen, Meghan, and BeBe. Elise becomes determined to find Jenna— and believes she’s the only one who can.

Sep 20, 202128m

All Skinfolk Ain’t Kinfolk

As Jenna’s haunting visions increase in severity, she tries— and fails— to patch things up with Carmen, the one woman of color in the group.

Oct 3, 202125m


$ex Magic

After stumbling upon a magical ritual, Jenna’s witchy suspicions about the influencers are confirmed. When Elise confronts Brooke about Jenna’s whereabouts, a strange seduction occurs.

Oct 10, 202128m


War is declared on the coven. At a silent auction, Elise’s serious investigation becomes a laughingstock.

Oct 17, 202124m


Jenna seeks an ally in her fight against the influencers, only to learn the price of practicing magic.

Oct 24, 202124m

Dead White Man Says What

When she’s almost lost hope, a ghost appears to Jenna with some practical advice. Elise’s (entirely-fabricated) connection with Victor hangs on by a thread.

Oct 7, 202122m

On How to Give Magical Beatdowns

Elise’s search takes her to an unfamiliar place—aka Brooklyn. Meanwhile, Jenna’s whereabouts are finally revealed.

Nov 7, 202121m

Mind Right, Magic Right, Ready for War

Unlikely allies team up to undo the damage done by the influencer coven.

Nov 14, 202122m

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