Marvel's Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire Season 1

Marvel's Jessica Jones: Playing with Fire

Irreverent, Action & Adventure, Woman Lead

The safe choice? Walk away. But when has Jessica Jones ever played it safe?
"Once again Serial Box uses the playground that is the Marvel Universe to its fullest potential." -But Why Tho | Jessica Jones has made an art of ignoring her particular brand of super-powered trauma. But these days, she’s giving the whole “self-care” thing a try. Seeing a therapist, finding healthier coping mechanisms (read: no business-hours drinking), working toward not wanting to punch things all the time. Maybe even taking the occasional case that won’t eat her alive. A simple missing persons case seems like just the ticket. But when a boy’s body turns up under an overpass in what looks like a cut-and-dried OD, Jessica can’t let it go and dives headlong into an obsessive search for answers.

Voiced by Fryda Wolff. Written by Zoe Quinn, Elsa Sjunneson, Lauren Beukes, Vita Ayala, and Sam Beckbessinger. Produced by Rhoda Belleza and Alex di Campi. Executive Produced by Molly Barton, Hayley Wagreich, and Julia Whelan. Audio Edited by Helen Moffett. Sound Designed by Amanda Rose Smith. Musical Theme by Amanda Rose Smith. Art by Annie Wu. Special Thanks to Caitlin O'Connell, Sven Larsen, Daniel Fink, Jeff Youngquist, Jeremy West, and Sarah Brunstad.



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