The Big Easy

Ice cream truck turf wars and a missing teenager. Or, a normal week in the life of Jessica Jones.

May 28, 202029m

The Boy Under the Bridge

Jessica drops by the Hellfire Club and later finds Jamie. She almost wishes she hadn’t.

May 28, 202028m

Never Saw it Coming

Jessica attends Jamie’s memorial service and can’t resist digging deeper. What happened to him?

May 28, 202031m

This is Going to Hurt

Another visit to the Hellfire Club turns up new leads––then everything goes wrong.

Jun 4, 202019m

A Visit from Old Friends

After Matt Murdock gets her out of jail, Jessica pursues new leads in Jamie’s disappearance.

Jun 11, 202022m

Fake it Till You Make it

Jessica may not be able to go back to the Hellfire Club, but no one said anything about Nova Naledi.

Jun 18, 202025m

It was Always Burning

With the Hellfire Club off limits, Jessica is down to two pieces of evidence: an ATM receipt and a locked phone.

Jun 25, 202015m

My Door is Always Open (Now)

Jessica goes on a Brooklyn adventure to crack the passcode to Jamie’s phone. But she’s not the only one interested in him.

Jul 2, 202016m

Bad Taxidermy

Jessica meets up with Sam to drink some bad booze and share what she learned from Jamie’s phone.

Jul 9, 202027m

Newton's Third Law

Jessica’s investigation takes a bizarre turn when she confronts Diane over the new evidence.

Jul 16, 202024m

Sleight of Mind

Jessica wakes up in a cell. But how? And more importantly: why?

Jul 23, 202030m

Other Times, Other Places

Jessica and Sam join forces for a daring escape.

Jul 30, 202023m

Midnight Train

Baba ghanoush and a little help from friends––it’s a start.

Aug 6, 202034m

Iron Will

Jessica and Sam uncover more of the truth and face off with Shaw once and for all.

Aug 13, 202020m

Tunnel Vision

Long tunnels, remote hunting lodges, and creepy taxidermy are definitely not what the doctor ordered.

Aug 20, 202024m

Ripple Effect

Jessica has all the pieces––now it’s time to make sure what happened to Jamie never happens to anyone again.

Aug 27, 202031m

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