The Violet Hour presents - LONG NIGHT IN EGYPT.
During Spring Break, a group of archaeology students travel to Egypt and sneak into the Pyramid of Unas after dark. Little do they know that they are setting themselves up for a ghostly night of terror that will alter their fates forever.

Written by Sarah Pitard. Directed by Jack Bowman. Produced by Jack Bowman. Executive Produced by Cassie Jozefov. Sound Designed by Jan Piasecki. Original Score and Composition by Talip Peshkepia. Edited by Lance Axt.



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Ep 00: Long Night in Egypt - Season 1 Trailer

Introducing Long Night in Egypt, a new scripted horror podcast by Violet Hour Media.

Jan 5, 20231m

Ep 01: Vault of the Heavens

The group of college students travel from Chicago to Egypt for spring break. Along the way, a book of ancient Egyptian maps is revealed to have writing within that glows in the dark.

Jan 23, 202325m

Ep 02: The Ennead

Kayla attempts to make head or tails of the glowing book, but hesitates to tell anyone about it. Uncle Abasi and Aunt Rania regale the young students with stories of ancient Egypt and the Pyramid of Unas. Samira treats her guests to a fun night out clubbing in Cairo.

Jan 30, 202325m


Ep 03: When it is Dark, When it is Dark

Samira comes up with a plan to steal her father’s key and take the group into the Pyramid of Unas after midnight. They enter the Pyramid, and unbeknownst to them, the door shuts mysteriously behind them.

Feb 6, 202322m

Ep 04: An Imperishable Spirit

When Jordan commits an indiscretion, the group is suddenly visited by the terrifying spirit of the Pharaoh Unas. Incensed that his tomb has been defiled, he flies into a rage.

Feb 13, 202326m

Ep 05: The Duat

The floating, glowing eye of Horus leads the students down a passageway that leads to a deep cave lake. While crossing the lake on an ancient funerary boat, the group fights the evil serpent god, Apophis.

Feb 20, 202323m

Ep 06: In the Hall of Two Truths

The wind blows the group to the Temple of Ma’at where they are greeted by Anubis, the god of the Underworld. Chaos ensues.

Feb 27, 202327m

Ep 07: May Thy Face Look Backward

The remaining students face Unas as he weighs their souls for worthiness.

Mar 6, 202326m

Ep 08: The Book of Maps

Uncle Abasi and Aunt Rania are contacted and slowly learn the fate of the group.

Mar 13, 202321m

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