Low Life


Low Life

Horror, Comedy, Originals


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Hot Blooded

Brad Marlin’s life and career gets disrupted when he takes a late-night job from graduate student Kari. This is no ordinary chupacabra infestation…

Sep 25, 202056m

And Then There Were-Gators

Brad reluctantly seeks help from the Sheriff’s office, and Kari comes face-to-face with a new monster.

Oct 22, 202053m

This One Time at Sucker Camp

Brad and Kari realize they might be criminals and are forced to cover their tracks.

Oct 29, 202038m

Shake a Tailgator

A new face reveals that the answers to Brad and Kari’s questions may lie in a local environmental group… and one of the wealthiest people in town.

Nov 5, 202047m

The Fabulous Muck

A journey into the swamp introduces Brad and Kari to the door of radical environmentalists, where more clues are uncovered.

Nov 12, 202050m

Four Bathrooms and a Funeral

A familiar face from Kari’s past returns. Brad meets South Florida’s most elite tycoons.

Nov 19, 202050m


A shocking return leads to the reveal of south Florida’s strangest secrets.

Nov 26, 202049m

Swamp Bomp a Lu Bop

The chaotic final battle. Brad and Kari can’t hold back now… no matter what they may destroy in the process.

Dec 3, 202057m

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