Two rival tech companies compete for the chance to bring AI to Mars.
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: If you enjoy a gripping story full of corporate espionage, high-stakes science, and robot dogs that are well-versed in mixology, then this fictional workplace drama is perfect for tuning out your real-life version of it.



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1. There is no Binary

In the days leading up to the Mars AI competition, rivals DevLok and Watchover are ready to rumble.

Apr 1, 202144m

2. The Singularity Will Be Televised

On the eve of the first trial, everyone tries to relax at the Moonshot bar.

Apr 7, 202145m

3. Go Big AND Go Home

The competitors send their robots out into the desert as the first trial begins.

Apr 14, 20211h 7m

4. Pseudo, Make Me a Drink

The trial results are in. No one is calm.

Apr 21, 20211h 9m

5. Machines of Loving Grace

As Watchover copes with an investor visit, at DevLok Trey tries to explain the mystery code.

Apr 28, 202154m

6. Loss of Signal

The second trial drops and tensions are high. A little friendly competition might help everyone blow off steam.

May 5, 20211h 4m

7. This Facility has Gone 0 Days Without a Gray Goo Incident

Fourteen months in the past, a gray goo incident at DevLok leads to the foundation of Watchover.

May 12, 202155m

8. The Promise You Made

Cameron is having a crisis, the AIs might be a little too autonomous, and trial three is about to begin.

May 19, 20211h 0m

9. The Bargain You Kept

Everyone is off to Antarctica for the third trial, but there might be something wrong with DevLok’s AI.

May 26, 20211h 3m

10. Who Lives Who Dies Who Codes Your Robots

DevLok’s AI has gone rogue. Someone—or something—needs to stop it before it’s too late.

Jun 2, 202157m

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