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Nuclear catastrophe has struck Earth, leaving Commander Kelly all alone on a small space station orbiting the planet, without contact.

It's been 154 days since the catastrophe. 154 days since communication has been severed. With his resources and fight to go on both dwindling, each episode delivers a new audio log from Kelly. Each entry we learn more about his past, as his present torpedoes into an adventure he never could have imagined. Dive into the psyche of a man, alone adrift in space, as he fights not only for a way to survive but for a reason to. Featuring aliens, faraway worlds, and one man's search for meaning, “Man in Space" is a journey that takes place both out across the stars and inward into oneself. Written and Produced by Dillan Cohen, Starring Michael Pate, with Original Music by Nico Sleator and Sound Design by Graeme Haels

Starring Michael Pate. Written by Dillan Cohen. Produced by Dillan Cohen. Sound Designed by Graeme Haels. Original Score and Composition by Nico Sleator.



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Jun 6, 20231m

The Harder Path

“Day 455 in space, day 154 with no contact” These are the first words we hear from Commander Kelly as he updates his circumstances into the daily audio log. After witnessing the unspeakable, 154 days ago is there a way forward? Is there even a reason to keep going?

Jun 27, 202329m

Quiet the Body and The Mind Speaks

Episode two finds Commander Kelly near delirious, he’s now been subjected to the conditions of Preservation Protocol for weeks, he’s cold, hungry, and defeated. With all of his usual physical sensations, physical cravings ignored or silenced, something awakens in him. He discovers when you quiet the body, the soul speaks. Dark, long-forgotten memories come flooding back. We also learn the truth behind what Kelly was actually doing in space in the first place.

Jul 4, 202323m

Fighting Ghosts

Commander Kelly’s attempts to contact the other craft have been unsuccessful but its discovery gives Kelly new purpose and one that has him seeing red. Who does it belong to? China, Russia? Whoever it is, Kelly assumes they had to have played a part in the world’s destruction.

Jul 11, 202317m

The Reasons We Hide

Commander Kelly takes cover underneath the floor of his sleeping quarters. With both fear and excitement. Aliens have entered the station. They look and talk like nothing Kelly has ever seen. Is this his one shot of rescue and hope for something more, or do they represent the end of his story? Commander Kelly wrestles with the decision to choose the unknown or hide and stay the course.

Jul 18, 202312m

Going Forward and Looking Back

Taken aboard an alien ship traversing the stars, Commander Kelly ponders both his stories left behind and new ones that await him. If only he could be sure whether he's their guest or their prisoner.

Jul 26, 202322m

The Opposite of Pain Isn't Pleasure

Much time has passed since Commander Kelly's last audio log. Much has changed. He is a broken man on a broken planet.

Aug 4, 202323m

The Golden Cage

After the war, Commander Kelly finds himself in unfamiliar territory. The end result of the uprising has brought on a completely new kind of challenge.

Aug 8, 202324m

8. It Doesn't Go Away, It Transforms

Aug 16, 202322m

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