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1.1 The Faceless Body

In a city divided by war, a Tokyo cop and a US peacekeeper are brought together by murder, missing guns, and politics way above their pay grades.

Jan 9, 20191h 30m

1.2 The Bodiless Arm

A severed arm leads Miyako and Emma into the world of extreme body modders, with a side dish of organized crime.

Jan 16, 20191h 37m

1.3 The Fallen Executive

A powerful corporate chairman crashes to his death on a Tokyo sidewalk. Is it suicide? Or murder?

Jan 23, 20191h 21m

1.4 The Blackout Killer

Power failures are a fact of life in post-war Tokyo. But now, someone is waiting in the dark.

Jan 30, 20191h 32m

1.5 The Deadly Defection

Miyako and Emma must untangle whether a man who shot a woman on the street is a defector, or a murderer.

Feb 6, 20191h 20m

1.6 The Stolen Xiǎohái

The child of a Chinese diplomat disappears, and Emma and Miyako are on the case, with a little unwanted help from the other side of the drone curtain.

Feb 13, 20191h 19m

1.7 The Loud Politician

A politician is dead. Two of her colleagues were caught on tape saying they wanted to kill her. Case closed. Right?

Feb 20, 20191h 14m

1.8 The Clawed Limb

When a man obsessed with body modifications attacks his girlfriend, he says his hand has a mind of its own. Yeah, right. Right?

Feb 27, 20191h 18m

1.9 The Assassin's Nest

A deadly attack threatens to tear Tokyo’s fragile peace to shreds.

Mar 6, 20191h 20m

1.10 The Foreign Mischief

“Our job is to solve murders.” As terrorists and the Chinese army attack in Tokyo, Emma and Miyako must decide what really matters.

Mar 13, 20191h 25m

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