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Ninth Step Station

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2.1 The Spiked Cocktail

Emma and Miyako race to solve a bizarre poisoning as the Nakajima-kai’s influence in Tokyo spreads.

Apr 8, 20201h 2m

2.2 The Absent Artifacts

An old case returns when an invisibility cloak is used to steal swords. Meanwhile, Emma hunts for Santiago’s killer.

Apr 15, 20201h 6m

2.3 The Acid Detail

Detectives Liu and Wong are back to help solve a series of grisly murders. Miyako takes her first job for the resistance.

Apr 22, 20201h 4m

2.4 Blood in the Water

Emma and Miyako take a relaxing hot spring vacation. Unfortunately, murder isn’t confined to Tokyo.

Apr 29, 20201h 5m

2.5 The Scarred Youth

In the midst of solving the murders of two young runaways, Miyako takes on a dangerous assignment from the resistance.

May 6, 20201h 6m

2.6 The Memory of Love

WE CAN REMEMBER IT FOR YOU. After a mysterious death, Emma and Miyako stumble into the strange world of memory recording.

May 13, 20201h 12m

2.7 Assassination Market

Assassins pick up hits from message poles in Tokyo’s night markets. It looks like Emma isn’t the only one after Charles Yardley.

May 20, 202056m

2.8 The Masked Dancer

A dancer is viciously murdered during a festival. Meanwhile, things are getting complicated for the resistance and the Nakajima-kai.

May 27, 20201h 6m

2.9 The Driven Bullets

Someone is killing off Nakajima-kai members with mini-drones. Emma suspects she knows who’s responsible.

Jun 3, 202044m

2.10 Rain of Drones

After Emma is arrested for Charles Yardley’s crimes, Miyako races to stop his plan to plunge Tokyo into chaos.

Jun 10, 202059m

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