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1.1 Shadows and Dreams

What dreams may come?

Aug 17, 20161h 5m

1.2 Hungry

Gnawing unknowing.

Sep 21, 20161h 24m

1.3 Home, Perilous Home

A second chance at life.

Sep 28, 20161h 19m

1.4 The Most Dangerous Game

The group meets the local wildlife and Loki goes hunting.

Oct 5, 20161h 23m

1.5 Umta

Umta’s past is revealed, and the caretakers make their move.

Oct 12, 20161h 7m

1.6 Reality No-Show

A break from your regular programming.

Oct 19, 20161h 23m

1.7 Mourning Train

The remades regroup aboard their getaway train—and meet the new arrivals.

Oct 26, 20161h 6m

1.8 End of the Line

Hyrum makes a disturbing observation and Inez takes a risk.

Nov 2, 20161h 35m

1.9 Whiteout

May learns a harsh lesson about survival.

Nov 9, 20161h 21m

1.10 Mirror of Fate

Seyah does some reflecting and the group takes a bath.

Nov 16, 20161h 20m

1.11 We're Dead in this Ghost Town

The remade explore the city while Loki exposes his past.

Nov 23, 20161h 38m

1.12 Modern History

Cole discovers some unsettling answers at a museum.

Nov 30, 20161h 8m

1.13 Memories of Arcadia

The city watches, and remembers.

Dec 7, 20161h 31m

1.14 The Slow Fade

Arcadia makes a request. Holden makes a decision.

Dec 14, 20161h 21m

1.15 The End of the Beginning

With Caretakers at their heels, the group makes a break for it.

Dec 21, 20161h 0m

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