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2.1 Patch Job

Blast from the past

Nov 15, 20171h 5m

2.2 Signal to Noise

The perils of Sanctuary

Nov 22, 20171h 7m

2.3 Fear of Falling

Getting to know you

Nov 29, 20171h 4m

2.4 Save Point

A new face

Dec 6, 20171h 11m

2.5 Man's Best Friend

Sparky’s warning

Dec 13, 20171h 5m

2.6 Daredevil

Safer than safe

Dec 20, 20171h 8m

2.7 Chosen One

Follow the leader

Jan 3, 20181h 8m

2.8 The Bones of Sanctuary

Secrets in the night

Jan 10, 20181h 11m

2.9 Power Struggles

Caretakers, caretakers everywhere

Jan 17, 20181h 16m

2.10 Siege Mentality

All hands on deck

Jan 24, 20181h 8m

2.11 Different Boats

Losing control

Jan 31, 201859m

2.12 Toward the Light

Saying goodbye

Feb 7, 20181h 6m

2.13 Actus Reus

Trials and tribulations

Feb 14, 20181h 2m

2.14 Brave New Girl

A risk worth taking

Feb 21, 20181h 4m

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