Roanoke Falls Season 1


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Something is punishing the people of Roanoke with blood...if you have sinned, beware.
1587, North Carolina: Agnes is a reluctant settler in Roanoke, forced to leave England with her preacher husband, Thomas, in search of a better life. But the first colony failed, and Agnes fears this one will suffer the same fate: lack of resources, frigid cold, starvation.

So when a series of ritualistic murders occur in the colony, Agnes finally feels connected to a purpose: to find the monster and protect her community. That is, until people suspect that witchcraft is to blame, and question Agnes’ childlessness as well as her connection to the dead. As the killings escalate and the colony teeters on the edge of ruin, Agnes must go to impossible lengths to save herself— or she will burn.

Starring India Dupre. Voiced by Craig Robert Young, Carolina Bloom, Eric Tied, Callie Shuttera, Jess Nahikian, Stella Ballick Karrer, Jack Hawkins, Theo Devaney, Anthony Garland, and Kyle McCarley. Written by Laura Purcell. Directed by Kailynn West. Produced by Nicole Otto and Hayley Wagreich. Executive Produced by John Carpenter and Molly Barton. Sound Designed by Rory O'Shea. Additional Sound Editing by Cory Barton. Performances by Karl McComas-Reichl, Kevin Devine , Alba Ponce de Leon, Peter Brendler, and Max Kutner. Original Orchestrations by Andrew Rowan. Original Score and Composition by Hashem Assadullahi. Art by Kyndal Thomas. Edited by Fred Greenhalgh. Executive in Charge for Realm: Sandy King Carpenter.



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Introducing Roanoke Falls

Roanoke Falls is a Realm production. Listen away.

Oct 26, 20221m

1. The Woods

Agnes struggles to acclimate to her new home in the second Roanoke settlement. When a man goes missing in the woods, her fears intensify.

Oct 26, 202222m

2. The Devil Speaks

The colony makes a gruesome discovery. Agnes dives into Hannah’s journal, searching for answers in the past.

Oct 26, 202228m

3. The Shack

Agnes finds an ally in James, the colony’s blacksmith, and together they investigate the “Devil in the Woods.” The colony turns on Agnes.

Oct 26, 202220m

4. The Test

Agnes’ husband suspects that his wife is the witch responsible for the killings, putting Agnes in a dangerous position. Even more dangerous: her growing attachment to James.

Oct 26, 202217m

5. The Bonds of Sin

Desperate, Agnes must trust a surprising source for her freedom, but the demon wreaking havoc on the colony has other plans.

Oct 26, 202216m

6. The Devil to Pay

In her darkest hour, Agnes confronts the Roanoke killer.

Oct 26, 202217m

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