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Recently jilted by her boyfriend (who also happens to be her boss...yikes!), Casey is offered a dream job launching the British spin-off of the cooking TV show she produces, and heads to London looking for love. What she doesn’t expect is to find it TWICE! Showmance stars Skyler Samuels (Scream Queens), Jack Turner (One Winter Weekend), and Elliot Knight (Life Sentence). Want more? Head to and follow @RomComPods on IG.

Written by Becca Freeman and Rachael King. Directed by Becca Freeman and Rachael King. Executive Produced by Becca Freeman and Rachael King.



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Welcome to Showmance, the latest project from the creators of RomComPods. Coming to your ears June 7, 2021!

May 24, 20212m

Pop Quizine (Ep 1)

Raised on a steady diet of Bridget Jones and Rachael Ray, Casey Reed is a hopeless romantic with an appetite for love. After spending her 20s happily single and focused on her career, Casey feels like she has life figured out: she’s a producer on Pop Quizine (the country’s #1 cooking show), lives near her tight-knit family in LA, and has a charming, handsome boyfriend who she thinks might be “the one.” Unfortunately he also happens to be her boss (yikes!)... well, technically he’s her boss’ boss (double yikes!). When Casey is offered a dream job launching a British spin-off of her show, she has to decide whether to risk it all across the pond...

Jun 7, 202127m

Love Waits in London (Ep 2)

Casey arrives in London and realizes launching a brand new show in a foreign country is going to be a bigger challenge than she thought. Fortunately, she has a charming British showrunner as her UK counterpart... and a VERY cute culinary producer helping to plan the challenges. All she has to do is cast all of the contestants, convince the (bickering) hosts to sign their contract, and — oh yes — also find true love!

Jun 10, 202138m

A Proper Love Triangle (Ep 3)

Casey dips a toe in the London dating pool, and it’s… not great. Meanwhile, she finds herself having ten times more fun with Oliver than any of her app dates; could there be some romance brewing? The crew also tapes the first episode of Pop Quizine UK. While there are some glitches, they just might be onto something great. That Saturday, Casey and Ramy have their sightseeing outing... but by the end Casey is hoping it’s more than just friendly. Uh oh, do we have a love triangle on our hands??

Jun 14, 202136m

A Snog In The Closet (Ep 4)

Maybe Madame Geneva was onto something! When Casey receives a delicious gift from a secret admirer, she dashes through London to find out if her suspicions are right. Bert and Birdie continue to drive each other (and everyone else) mad, but the show is still coming together, thanks to Casey’s hard work. And perhaps we’ll get our first kiss…

Jun 21, 202126m

Coffee & Ground Rules (Ep 5)

Now that she and Oliver are dating, Casey tries to set some ground rules to keep her new office romance under wraps. Birdie’s secret affair comes to light as she and Bert continually derail the show with their drama, and Mark threatens to come to London to “babysit” the production. Through it all, Casey is trying very hard not to notice how cute Ramy looks in his chef coat…

Jun 28, 202128m

Casey’s Lost The Plot (Ep 6)

Tensions are running high as Mark arrives from LA to “fix” things... but (spoiler alert!), it doesn’t go great. We DO get a surprise proposal on set, though, and another Pop Quizine contestant is sent packing. Finally, Casey’s sisters help her solve a mystery that sends her running across the city to make amends...

Jul 5, 202128m

Hot Chicken (Ep 7 - FINALE)

The clock is ticking as Casey’s time across the pond comes to an end! The winner of Pop Quizine UK is crowned and the crew is celebrating but... was it good enough to get a second season? Will Mark ruin things for the show back in LA? Will Casey and Oliver be able to work together after their breakup? And most importantly... will our girl find love before she leaves London???

Jul 12, 202137m

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