Silver Wing


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On a desert planet in the far future, an old dragon hunter embarks on a desperate journey to save her estranged son.
For centuries, the dragons have been sleeping. But in their rest, they provide a crucial energy source necessary to keep the planet Toon Flats habitable. Amphet Dahl is a diviner, gifted with the ability to sense the dragons’ dreams and memories— and to the disappointment of her son, Afton, she uses this ability to assist in harvesting dragon bodies for fuel. It’s been years since Amphet last saw him, and she relies on alcohol to keep her regret at bay.

When Amphet has a vision of Afton being in danger, she sets out on a perilous journey across the desert to save him. But her own life hangs in the balance— and when she least expects it, the dragons begin to wake.

Silver Wing is a Realm production, created and written by Z.Z. Claybourne.

Written by ZZ Claybourne. Narrated by Sanya Simmons.



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What’s Mine

Amphet, a bitter dragonhunter, seeks another beast in the desert, while her estranged son starts his own dangerous mission.

Aug 11, 202230m
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A perilous fall occurs while two scientists debate how to wake a sleeping dragon.

Aug 12, 202230m

Skies Be Damned

On the brink of survival, Amphet receives a vision.

Aug 12, 202215m

What’s Yours

A headstrong empath saves Amphet’s life, but the dragonhunter has other priorities.

Aug 12, 202230m

Twenty-Two Anchors

While Endra and Amphet search for Afton, they make an unexpected discovery.

Aug 12, 202233m

What Love Feels Like

As Amphet’s injuries worsen and the dragons start to wake, she and Endra go on a daring rescue.

Aug 12, 202236m

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