Deep in the serene forest of Silverwood, California, a monster from another dimension is desperate for the human blood it needs to return home.

What begins as a relaxing week in the woods for two groups of campers—employees on a corporate retreat and a Cub Scout troop—turns into a hellish ordeal when a mysterious dark force lurking among the trees preys on their most violent impulses. A rustic getaway featuring evil whispering trees, a teddy bear-clutching child laughing at your pain, and a malevolent otherworldly presence terrorizing the campground? Welcome to the most terrifying wilderness trip of your lives, campers.

Written by Brian Keene, Richard Chizmar, Stephen Kozeniewski, and Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason, the Sisters of Slaughter. Based on Silverwood by Tony E. Valenzuela. Narrated by Sarah Mollo-Christensen and Neil Hellegers. Art by Ben Baldwin.



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1. Dead on Arrival

Ah, the woods. The wind in the trees. The call of the birds. The screaming in the distance.

Oct 3, 20181h 15m

2. Maternal Instincts

The reaping has begun.

Oct 10, 20181h 4m

3. A Boy’s Best Friend

The malevolence beneath the forest floor grows in power. All it needs is blood.

Oct 17, 20181h 3m

4. The Loop

The trees are alive with the sound of murder.

Oct 24, 201859m

5. Lab 04

The scouts comb the woods for answers. All they find is death.

Oct 31, 20181h 9m

6. Leader of the Pack

“Out here in the woods, with every last vestige of civilization crumbling, he finally felt like himself.”

Nov 7, 20181h 9m

7. Family Matters

“Mommy, can we have storytime?”

Nov 14, 20181h 5m

8. Connected

Nothing dead ever leaves.

Nov 21, 20181h 19m

9. Burial Ground

Silverwood is alive with the dead.

Nov 28, 20181h 7m

10. The Opening

The SAP’s bloody conquest is nearly complete.

Dec 5, 20181h 13m

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