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Spider King

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Episode 1: Release

Darnell took the wrap for a friend's crime, but agrees to participate in an experimental medical procedure to avoid prison time. Now, his freedom earned, Darnell notices strange bodily ailments… and a mysterious spider following him.

Feb 15, 202128m

Episode 2: Re-entry

A disastrous first day of work and a bizarre reunion with his daughter are characterized by Darnell’s chilling discovery: large, hair-raising spiders are emerging out of his body.

Feb 16, 202131m

Episode 3: Rebirth

Darnell becomes increasingly adept at controlling the spiders, but as the post-prison life he yearned for begins to unravel, the horror spirals out of control.

Feb 17, 202135m

Episode 4: Repeat

Darnell’s surreal odyssey of body horror and dark secrets comes to a blood-curdling crescendo.

Feb 18, 202131m

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