The Haunting of Grey Hills

The Haunting of Grey Hills

Ghosts, Creepy, Scary


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Fifty years after a deadly high school fire, a teenage girl discovers that she may be all that stands between the new school and a doorway to hell.
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: Ghosts, high-stakes high school horror, small town mysteries

Written by Jennifer Skogen.



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Episode 1

Macy is seeing things and she’s worried that she might be going crazy. New friends help.

Jan 9, 20201h 9m
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Episode 2

Macy’s new friends can see ghosts. It turns out, so can Macy, and they want her help putting the dead to rest.

Jan 9, 20201h 1m

Episode 3

Another fire threatens to break out at the high school and the Door of the Dead opens.

Jan 9, 202053m

Episode 4

Macy goes to her brother’s funeral and Jackson goes ghost-hunting.

Jan 9, 202058m

Episode 5

Macy gets to know the ghost of a boy who died in the first high school fire.

Jan 9, 202053m

Episode 6

As a series of mysterious deaths sweeps through Grey Hills, Macy might be in grave danger.

Jan 9, 202058m

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