In 1930’s Manhattan, a Latina private detective is posthumously hired by a man hoping to solve his own murder.
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: If you're a fan of Lovecraft and noir, Queer romance, and horrors from beyond space and time, then this series is right up your (dark and moody) alley.



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1. The Book Collector

When her investigation into a series of murders comes to an abrupt end, Morgan Knox is left with more questions than answers.

May 20, 202028m
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2. Two Dames

Knox’s investigation takes a macabre and shocking turn. After a night in jail, a drink with a fascinating dame might help.

May 20, 202031m

3. The Dead Man’s Tale

A visit to the morgue, sinister strangers, and a deadly recording send Knox off on a new investigative path.

May 20, 202051m

4. The Cold Burn

Danny drops by the station to talk to Ray. Knox checks out Craddock’s apartment and hatches a plan to learn more about Siverek’s associates.

May 27, 202052m

5. The Mark

Knox and Pak attend a party at Nocturne, where the night takes a dark turn.

Jun 3, 202059m

6. Sometimes We Carry Each Other

Somewhere between life and death, Knox revisits the Marne and the origins of her paranormal sight.

Jun 10, 202057m

7. Down and Out in New York City

Knox learns more about Volkan Siverek, Danny makes a mistake, and sometimes people aren’t so dead after all.

Jun 17, 202049m

8. The Rifleman's Rule

For years, he has waged war on the darkness. But he and Knox have work to do.

Jun 24, 202049m

9. The Woman Who Wasn’t There

With the book missing and her friends in rough shape, Knox knows what she has to do.

Jul 1, 202054m

10. Eppur si Muove

In the burned out remains of Nocturne, Knox comes face to face with the cult and learns the truth at last.

Jul 8, 202050m

11. Dead Reckoning

Watching the world from outside space and time, Morgan Knox has a choice to make.

Jul 15, 202053m

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