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1. The Gathering Storm

A team of experts must work together to stop disaster in the Bermuda Triangle.

Apr 1, 20211h 25m

2. Mr. Babbit

The team finds an uncharted island, and a world of trouble.

Apr 8, 20211h 3m

3. The Moon People

Someone—or something—else is on this island that shouldn’t exist.

Apr 15, 20211h 8m

4. We Are Not Alone

The Moon People reveal themselves, and the team’s world tilts sideways.

Apr 22, 20211h 2m

5. Castaways

The team has survived the bizarro-world Russians, but it turns out there is more than one unfriendly neighbor on the island.

Apr 29, 20211h 4m

6. Dark Demonstration

With every discovery, the team somehow becomes more and more trapped on this island that doesn’t exist.

May 6, 20211h 12m

7. The Cold War

Will they live in fear or go down fighting?

May 13, 20211h 6m

8. Revelations

The team cracks the mystery of the island—and the Bermuda Triangle—wide open.

May 20, 20211h 5m

9. What Was Lost

A deal is struck, and now the team—and the Soviets—just have to wait out the tide.

May 27, 202158m

10. False Intentions

The island is spiraling out of control.

Jun 3, 20211h 10m

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