The Understudy
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Four mothers must decide how far they’ll go to protect their daughters from a deadly threat at their performing arts school.
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: Lots of twists and turns, Agatha Christie with a dash of Dance Moms



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1. The Music Box

A sinister threat throws everything into chaos.

Aug 21, 20191h 7m
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2. Let the Show Begin

Here lies Ruby Donovan.

Aug 27, 20191h 1m

3. On the Trail for Truth

Elise stumbles upon a shocking secret.

Sep 4, 20191h 11m

4. The Performance

A new threat emerges.

Sep 11, 20191h 17m

5. Truth Crash

Is there a new suspect?

Sep 18, 20191h 10m

6. Revelations

It’s time for Bronnie to act.

Sep 25, 20191h 5m

7. All the Prayers

A tragedy befalls the group.

Oct 2, 20191h 17m

8. Picture Perfect

Who is Imogen Curwood?

Oct 9, 20191h 5m

9. Finding Grace

Carolyn uncovers a stunning truth.

Oct 16, 201958m

10. The Final Act

The curtain falls.

Oct 23, 20191h 15m

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