A refugee returns to her home planet in search of a missing ship that holds the key to saving humanity.
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: This breathtaking space opera about a missing ship and the soldier-for-hire searching for it features a strong female lead and explores some of the most pivotal issues of our time—including environmental collapse, refugee crises, and nationalism.



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1.1 A Leisurely Extinction

Soldier-for-hire Asala Sikou grudgingly accepts a mission that will take her to the far reaches of the system.

Mar 6, 20191h 29m
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1.2 The Third Passenger

The mission is off to a rocky start.

Mar 13, 20191h 23m

1.3 The Death-Cold

On an icy planet, the search for information brings new leads.

Mar 20, 20191h 22m

1.4 Camp Ghala

When they arrive at the refugee camp, Asala and Niko make a startling discovery.

Mar 27, 20191h 22m

1.5 The Heart of the Web

There's one key to survival—and they've stolen it.

Apr 3, 20191h 11m

1.6 Fortress World

A crash landing leads to a discovery.

Apr 10, 20191h 12m

1.7 The Traitor

A clandestine meeting leads to a clash.

Apr 17, 20191h 18m

1.8 Gravity

A battle is brewing.

Apr 24, 20191h 8m

1.9 The Battle of Gan-De, Part 1

Asala finds what she’s been searching for.

May 1, 20191h 9m

1.10 The Battle of Gan-De, Part 2

The wormhole opens. All hell breaks out.

May 8, 20191h 14m

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